The week is done

And it was pretty stock standard.  However, and i’m deviating from the theme here but it’s so worth it.  I received my copy U2’s U22.  Firstly i need to point out that U2 is without a doubt the best band of all times, and if you’re a fan than this is a must have.  And I’ll just leave it at that.


Back to the beer.  The cider in the vat is bubbling away like something that bubbles furiously and the smell is something to get excited about.  Great fruity apple aroma’s that promise this to be a winner.

I’ve also come to the realization that I need to look at bottling in smaller bottles.  Reason being that everyone who hears of the homebrew wants a “sample”.  And as I only have them in quart bottles I’m not overly keen to be giving these away to everyone who wants.  So the hunt is on for a case or two of empty SAB pint bottles.  I’ll also be dropping past the Black Forest Tavern down the road to collect some Savanna bottles for the cider.  My thoughts are that a Sunday morning should be dead quiet and with it being post a Saturday night there should be an abundance of bottles.  Feeling a little like a scavenger / hobo, but all in the quest of the craft.

As for the weekend ahead, tonight it’s Stokers Arms in Kloof for a mates birthday.  Tomorrow it’s a early start to get two potjie’s done for Grans birthday lunch.  Doing an ox-tail and a beef shin with Guinness   I wont be eating the ox-tail, cant see why you would want to eat the part of any animal that wipes it’s arse it’s whole life.  After that I’ll be watching the Sharks beat the Stormers in the Currie Cup rugby final. And then off too Unity Bar in Silverton road to enjoy some of there very own craft beer called Cow Bell, because you can NEVER have too much Cow Bell.  This is what they have to say about it.


COWBELL is a carbon-conscious alternative to industrial draught beer. A Craft beer developed uniquely for Unity Bar, it is a 4% ABV pilsner style, using 100% Czech Saaz hops to bitter and flavour, giving it a rounded and fresh feeling in the mouth, with a crisp bitter finish. After adequate conditioning period the beer has some spice and honey tones from the Karoo-sourced malted barley, and is a very full flavoured pils, unlike most industrial styles currently available on the market. The difference is simply volume, expected production per brew is roughly 1400 – 1600 litres at any one time.

Hand-crafted for passionate palettes that require a beer that we believe will suit most food styles. Salted, cured and grilled meats are an obvious choice, whilst the array of appetisers on the menu aid the washing down of Cowbell with some eloquence.

As the volume of Cowbell sales show, we have established that Durban has a market for real, Craft beer, and sells faster and at greater volume than most lines of industrial made beer we keep. We are not going to stop there, as initiatives have been started to build our own micro-brewery in order to test other lines of small-scale craft beers, which will be available at Unity Bar exclusively, on tap and soon to be in bottle too!

Do yourself a favour, if you enjoy craft beer then this is a place you truly must visit.

I’ll leave it there for today, have yourselves a fantastic weekend, drive fast and take chances…




This is classic


Codex Fermentarius

Thou shalt not covet another brewers’ kegs or casks.

Honour thy other brewer’s recipe choice.

Rejoice to thy daughter yeast and thy mother yeast.

Thy glass shalt always be full. Never half full. Never half empty.

Remember thy first brew day. And keep it holy.

Thou shalt not steal another brewer’s hop combination. This is hopdultery.

Thou shalt not covet another brewery’s name. Or beer name. Especially if it is that of a German cyclist.

Seven days thou shalt labour, and do all thy work. Thou art a brewer. Drinking is work.

Taste thy water, taste thy malted grains, taste thy yeast. Don’t taste thy hop flowers.

Thou shalt not drink false beverages. We know what thee are.

Give Pat a crack at the Bok no.10 spot

Was at the game – and Pat is proving himself the best of the best by far..

Sias du Plessis

Pat Lambie has put himself in pole position for the Springbok flyhalf role after two consecutive man of the match performances for the Sharks. The former Michaelhouse scholar has been in terrific form at 10 for the Sharks despite his lack of game time and will more than likely ensure that the men from Durban collect the Absa Currie Cup trophy against Western Province next weekend. Lambie has been shifted from pillar to post by new Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer who believes he is the second best fullback in the land and fourth best flyhalf behind Johan Goosen, Morne Steyn and Elton Jantjies. Mind-boggling to say the least as none of the above have enjoyed the best of form of late. For some reason there is a belief doing the rounds that the ‘Lambi-ghini’ is arrogant and not a team player, something I have asked about and reliable sources have…

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Durban Bierfest 2012

This is bound to be a great evening out..

The annual Bierfest will take place for the first time in Durban this year – after huge success in Joburg & Cape Town. The festival aims to recreate the atmosphere, activities, entertainment  – and of course the beer – of Munich’s historically famous Oktoberfest. Get down to Suncoast between 16th and 18thNovember to join in the festivities.

SAB have even had their master brewers create three limited edition special Bavarian-style beers for the festival – the Munich Dunkel (with hints of chocolate, caramel and toffee dominated by malt, with a deep copper to dark brown colour and creamy, light to medium tan head), Krystal Weiss (a filtered version of the usually slightly cloudy weiss beers with vanilla undertones and slight hop aromas) and the easy drinking Royal Bavaria (a rich dark gold with a slight off white foam head, with low hop flavours and a moderately dry finish)

You’ll be seated inside a…

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Whats your choice?




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Ok, so i have to admit that there has been no travel in the last while.  Usually I’m in Jozi or Cape Town at least once a month but currently I’m spending far too much time in the office working.  And that’s not good for the soul.

Got to bottling the draught last night, another 28 quarts in crates waiting to bring us joy and happiness.

Happiness is








There is something special about bottling your own beer – while drinking the beer you’ve already bottled.  A little about the Munich lager that was my first attempt.  We cracked a few on Saturday during the rugby and they weren’t too bad but not really as good as i was hoping.  Bearing in mind it was probably a week too soon as it was only bottled 5 days before.  Decided to have one last night while i was busy bottling and what a difference.  The head was better, the flavour was fuller and the bubbles just kept bubbling.  A crisp full flavoured beer in the German tradition.  The beer will improve with age so I’m very excited too see how the flavour develops.

Had a little taste of the draught as it was going into the bottles last night.  This is going to be more of a Hansa / Castle style beer with less of a malt flavour.  Will have to update you as soon as i get to try it.







So straight on to the next one.  The Irish Cider is in the vat and bubbling away nicely.  Nice strong apple aroma  so looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.  I think its going to be a winner.




Something for the ladies…


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My ‘dealer’ dropped off the next installment of beer making ingredients for me.  This time its going to be something for the ladies, a crisp Irish apple cider.







Looking forward to seeing how this works out.


The weekend ahead is all about braais and rugby, Anderson’s birthday braai tonight, the Van bash braai tomorrow, and then to the Shark Tank to watch the bulls take a beating.  Thanks to Tank Lanning from Front Row Grunt for the tickets.  It’s going to be an epic weekend.

Drive fast and take chances…

Beer – get in those bottles…!!

And just like that, it was done.  Not the easiest task but very rewarding to see the bottles full and capped, sitting in the crates.  Pity i have to wait another 2 weeks before i can have a little taste.  It better be worth it.







I was lucky enough to be able to do this in the kitchen and was even assisted which made the whole process so much easier.  The clever folk from Brewcraft included a beer filler pipe that makes filling too easy.







Carbonating sugar drops go into the bottles and the caps go on.  Now they sit and torture me for the next 2 weeks.







And while I was feeling so industrious i decided to get the next batch into the fermenting vat,  by this time next week I’ll have just over 4 cases of craft beer bottle conditioning and waiting to be enjoyed.