Hello fellow and future Geocachers

Start plotting your crafty strategy, rally your friends and prepare for a day of geocaching like no other. It’s time for an exciting day out with mates, hopefully full of adventure.

Now for those of you who are wondering what Geocaching is all about, here’s the low-down. Basically it is a high tech treasure hunt that utilizes GPS (global positioning system) enabled devices. You know that voice in your car that tells you when to make a turn and how far you are form your destination? That is utilizing GPS technology. Geocaching is using hand held devices that assists you to navigate to a specific set of coordinates where someone else has hidden a geocache. Most ‘Smart Phones’ support geocaching. The geocache itself need not be anything elaborate and quite frequently is nothing more than a waterproof container such as Tupperware or old used 35mm film canisters, which are called micro-caches. The may contain nothing more than a pencil and paper for you to record your name and the date you found the treasure or they may contain a various assortment of goodies. The rule of thumb when taking something from a geocache container is to place something else of equal or greater value in return. You can then go home and comment on your find and log it in your account on a geocache-listing site. It is at these listing sites that you can obtain the list of coordinates of geocaches that are in your area. Geocaching is a worldwide adventure so even if you are traveling you can enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

The format will be as follows:

• This is a team event so you need to get your mates involved, minimum of 2 per team. (Make sure your whole team can fit into one vehicle to make things easier.)
• Each team will have to come up with a team name, and flag. These will have to be submitted and approved before the event.
• At least one member will have to register on http://www.geocaching.com to be able to find geocaches and log your finds.
• The search area will be limited to the Highway/Kloof/Hillcrest area. Anything outside on this area will not count towards your tally for the day, however you can still log the find on http://www.geocaching.com
• The date will be either the 9th or 10th of August if everyone can make it, or we’ll do it the following weekend.
• The day starts at 8am and all geocaches must be found with all team members together.
• The day will end with a braai at The Lakehouse, byo meat and drinks.
• We will have a facility for everyone to log there finds for the day.

How to win:

• The winning team will be the one to find and log the most geocaches on the day.
• Each geocache found must have a photo for authentication, with team members in the picture, obviously one of the members will be taking the pic.
• All caches must be found in the pre-determined area. A list of available caches can be made available.
• Always abide by the geocaching rules and guidelines.
o Cache in, trash out.
o Always leave the cache as you found it.
o Beware of “Muggles” – don’t compromise the cache.
o Be careful and use stealth and subtlety.
• All caches must be found between 8am and 4pm on the day.

What do you win:

• Noddy Badge
• High Five
• Thumbs up
• Bragging rights

Who’s in???