An update on the weekends efforts.

Started the great strip-down on the magnifiscent XR250R. To be honest, i was having second thoughts about this bike during the week, stressing about how bad the motor condition is going to be, stressing about the availability of spares and what the cost will be to get this bike to the condition i want it. And doubting my ability to do it myself which is ultimately what i want to do. With this in mind, i’m going to need a lot of input from those of you who have been down this road before. Id rather learn from the mistakes made by others.

So once the new Tusk clutch was fitted to the CRF i started with the XR. As expected, lots of miss-matched bolts and nuts and some tight, rusty, and semi-seized, so plenty of penetrating spray was used, and from time to time the trusty hammer helped.

First off – the plastic bits. No problems here, and I was not surprised to find the filthiest foam air filter i have ever seen.


Next was the exhaust, again no problems here either

Getting some of the motor mounting bolts loose took some serious persuasion (hammer) but i prevailed and without much fuss she was out.

Did a good visual of the frame and found no cracks or serious damage, so once everything is stripped off she’ll go for a good re-spray.

The motor still frightens me, but I have a workshop manual and I’ll put on my big boy pants and have a good go at it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Once the motor was out I decided to pack it in for the day so that’s as far as i got. Will spend some time on the plastics in the evenings seeing if i can get some new life out of those tired old things. Lots of elbow grease and i’m sure they’ll be back to there original beauty or pretty close at least.

Any tips or advise is always welcome, no matter how trivial.