OK, here’s the story. I’ve been on a 2006 CRF230F for the last 5 years, and i must admit that it is the most willing and capable bike anyone could ever hope too own. But given that we’re riding in the Inanda valley most of the time, and that in full kit i’m up near the 100Kg mark, I’ve always felt that i was asking a little too much of the little beast. And at 6ft tall i did feel like i was too big for the bike. The other draw back apart from the frame size and the suspension was definitely the drum brake at the back. Over the years I’ve adjusted my riding style to never rely on the rear brake, always only the front brake or motor compression, this made for some very close calls at times. But regardless of all the above, this little CRF took me everywhere any of my KTM or WR mates went, maybe not as fast but she always got me there in the end with very little complaining and always with the rubber side down, just the way i like it. She’s now available for sale if anyone is interested.


So, for the last couple of months I’ve been looking around at possibly getting an XR400R, (I have a little thing for XR’s) But never found anything worth giving up the CRF for, until now. I’ve managed to find a 1990 XR250R in OK condition at a reasonable price. So I collected her and brought her home so that i can get started on my first re-build project.

I’m having to commit to 6 months of no bush riding so that i can give myself enough time to get this project done properly, so the KLR will have to scratch that itch.

Condition of the bike as she stands now:
Disk brakes front and back in good nik
Tyres will need to be replaced front and back
Rims are perfect
Fork boots are vrot
Fork seals will need replacing
After-market bars and bar-riser fitted so that’s sorted
De-compresion cable and lever non-existent
Clutch feels very stiff so will need to have a look at that
Rear suspension will need to go to DC Suspension for an over-haul
Frame is sound but will get a powder-coating
Foot pegs will get replaced with wider ones
Gear changer is buckled – will replace

Plastics are all intact but as can be expected, covered with various random stickers and very weathered, so those will need some TLC. A good mate of mine has a printing company that specializes in vinyl bike sticker kits so I’ll get that all sorted and looking awesome again.

The motor, even on a very cold northern KZN morning, started on the second kick without the benefit of the de-comp. My biggest concern is the very noisy top end. She sounds like an industrial sewing machine at the moment so the motor will need some serious looking into. I’m hoping it’s not too serious (expensive). If anyone has been down this road before or has any advise, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment – all are welcome.