I must admit that I’ve been very slack at keeping this thing up to date, so I’ll try and make a bit of an effort.

We’ll start with the craft beer situation. All is quiet on the brewing side but the joys of the drinking are in full swing…. I see that my last brewing post was just before i bottled the cider. At this point i must hang my head in shame – the cider was a bit of a fail. I bottled too soon and started having bottles popping all over the place, needless to say, it got messy. As far as the drink-ability goes,,,,,, I’m not overly excited. It’s very much like a traditional cider in that it is rather dry and crisp, but i think that some more time in the fermenting vat would have helped the apple flavour to develop a little more. I still have a few bottles left and have one from time to time but i wont rash to make another batch of that.

After that was a Mexican cerveza which turned out very very nicely. I fresh crisp beer with a very slight fruity flavour to it. A great beer for a hot summers afternoon, the only problem was that it went down far too well and before i knew it, it was all gone. No problem, we just make some more.

The next one was a Lion Lager, now lion hasn’t been on the market in SA for many years but i was keen to try the recipe kit and see. This one was the best I’ve produced ever, and i’ll make it again, and again, and again. It was really that good. And sadly that too didn’t last too long. The braai side buddy’s have now decided that the craft beer is actually rather good, and surprisingly cheap (because they aren’t paying for the stuff) so they gladly help to deplete my stocks.

So now I’m down to my last few bottles. Last week i drank the last bottle of my Munich Lager, this was from my first ever brew and had been in the bottle for nearly 8 months. It was superb, The flavours had developed beautifully and it was a pleasure to drink, it really was a top quality tasting beer.

I still have 1 bottle of the Draught left and i’m looking forward to smashing that during this weekends rugby fiesta.

As a little side note, I was given a magnum (1.5l) bottle of Zonneblom Shiraz 1996 vintage. This was open and consumed a few weeks back while away in the KZN midlands. It was truly the most amazing bottle of wine i have ever experienced. I was worried that at 17 years old it would have turned, but it was absolutely amazing. I’m ruined for cheap wine now.

Ok, i think this has been a pretty good effort. Now to repeat it more often.

Bottoms up beer drinkers.