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Ok, so i have to admit that there has been no travel in the last while.  Usually I’m in Jozi or Cape Town at least once a month but currently I’m spending far too much time in the office working.  And that’s not good for the soul.

Got to bottling the draught last night, another 28 quarts in crates waiting to bring us joy and happiness.

Happiness is








There is something special about bottling your own beer – while drinking the beer you’ve already bottled.  A little about the Munich lager that was my first attempt.  We cracked a few on Saturday during the rugby and they weren’t too bad but not really as good as i was hoping.  Bearing in mind it was probably a week too soon as it was only bottled 5 days before.  Decided to have one last night while i was busy bottling and what a difference.  The head was better, the flavour was fuller and the bubbles just kept bubbling.  A crisp full flavoured beer in the German tradition.  The beer will improve with age so I’m very excited too see how the flavour develops.

Had a little taste of the draught as it was going into the bottles last night.  This is going to be more of a Hansa / Castle style beer with less of a malt flavour.  Will have to update you as soon as i get to try it.







So straight on to the next one.  The Irish Cider is in the vat and bubbling away nicely.  Nice strong apple aroma  so looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.  I think its going to be a winner.