My “Dealer” just dropped of the batch of ingredients for my next beer brewing adventure….

All you need to make your own beer..

The plan is to complete the one in the vat, which should yield about 30 quart bottles..

They where so disgusting

These had to sit in a bath of Jik and boiling hot water to try and get all the siff bugs and gunk out, and get all the labels off.  Fortunately it all worked out very nicely.

Once the Munich lager is in the bottle it needs to be ‘bottle conditioned’ for 2 weeks before i can start enjoying the fruit of my labour.  So as soon as i’m finished bottling, I’ll clean up and start on the Premium Draught.

Ultimately I’d like to have done 3 batches, the third will be a Pilsner.  So that means 90 (yes 90) quart bottles of home brewed craft beer.  The experts say that the beer matures well in the bottle and should be left for up to 3 months.  I don’t think I’ll have the patients to wait that long.  When I have 30 empty bottles I’ll get started on the next batch – Hopefully I’ll be able to stash a few away and see how much they improve with age.